RIGHT AMERICA is a non-partisan political advocacy group that seeks to support public policies that honor truth and integrity, protect our inalienable constitutional God-given rights, further solidify our shared American values and ideals, unleash and propel the American economy forward, strengthen American national security at home and abroad, and empower all citizens to work together in building a future worthy of America's unlimited potential.




"Faith, Family and Freedom. We are an organization founded on non-partisan principals that don’t follow right vs left political idealogues, but rather RIGHT vs WRONG. Right America is dedicated to truth, honesty, justice and responsible dissemination of information. Designed to support those who wish to uphold the rule of law, we are guided by constitutional principles, and are dedicated to educating and informing all those who strive for the promise of security and prosperity in America, while holding those antithetical to these values, accountable for their immorality, deception and intentional disregard for all that makes America great. Driving America in the RIGHT direction means faith in God, recognition of the Family unit as critical to the healthy growth of our nation, and the freedom to always know that America will never sacrifice the rights provided by our founding father’s vision for America, liberty and equal justice for all."


Bobby Jeffries

Bobby Jeffries is the founder and Executive Director of RIGHT AMERICA.

A native of Hershey, PA, Jeffries currently heads the warehousing and logistics operations for his family's small business. After running for federal office, despite coming short, his passion for saving his country continued on.

He founded RIGHT AMERICA as a vehicle to drive America in the RIGHT direction through smart policies designed to bring back American industry, modernize our government agencies, and effectively defend our great nation.


To drive America in the RIGHT direction through smart policies designed to bring back American industry, modernize our government agencies, and effectively defend our great nation, by:

  • Promoting good policy and legislation at both the Congressional and state level. 
  • Highlighting existing proposals from both Congress and the Executive branch.  
  • Building a nationwide community of grassroots supporters and volunteers.
  • Conducting information campaigns, while working closely with activists groups across the nation to convey what Americans care about on-the-ground and developing solutions to the many challenges facing our country. 
  • Providing our members and supporters with quick, frequent and informative updates about current events and public policy. 
  • Reaching the next generation of leaders through all channels of social media and events. Too often young Americans are provided with false narratives with very few facts and data. We intend to make sure they have all the information they need to think for themselves and make well informed decisions. 


Driving the American Economy Forward

Among the complex challenges facing our country, the most critical and urgent among them is our failing economy. Today, we have too many hard-working Americans wondering what happened to their economy, which was once both the envy and inspiration to a watching world for generations. Regardless of how the media spins it, it is without a doubt the most significant issue critical to putting ourselves back on the road to prosperity and building a future worthy of America’s infinite potential.


Coercion Vs. Free Choice: Driving America in the Right Direction

As humans age, it’s natural for us to have difficulty remembering little things. But it’s another thing to have us forget the big things, which should never be overlooked or taken for granted. Far too often, we forget our country was not merely gifted to us by old and tired aristocrats with big wallets and egos but hand-built from the ground up by a fearless generation of young and ambitious men and women with extraordinary courage and purpose.



RIGHT AMERICA delivers each and every one of your petitions. Because your privacy is important to us, we simply include your first name, last initial, and ZIP code upon delivery.


To: My Senators and U.S. Representative

Joe Biden continues to prove he is a danger to freedom and liberty. His policies are driving America's economy off a cliff, and unless opposed, could be the end of the American republic as we know it.

Whereas: Since entering office in January 2021, Joe Biden has worked to undermine the values and policies that have made America the greatest country in the world,

Whereas: From killing the Keystone XL pipeline, to printing money at a dangerous rate, driving up inflation, to increasing regulations on American industry, Biden is failing in his duties,

Whereas: The only way to ensure that America's economy doesn't completely collapse is opposing Biden and his tax, spend, and regulate to hell agenda.

Therefore: As my elected representative, you should oppose Joe Biden's agenda, as it is dangerous to the future of this great country.


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