Driving the American Economy Forward

Among the complex challenges facing our country, the most critical and urgent among them is our failing economy. Today, we have too many hard-working Americans wondering what happened to their economy, which was once both the envy and inspiration to a watching world for generations. Regardless of how the media spins it, it is without a doubt the most significant issue critical to putting ourselves back on the road to prosperity and building a future worthy of America’s infinite potential.

For far too long, we have allowed the current political establishment to work for themselves to the detriment of the American citizen. They ignore those who pay their salaries and forget that they are there to put forth effective policies for the benefit of hard-working Americans. The high level of greed, selfishness, and severe lack of vision among elected officials on both sides of the aisle in Washington, DC, has only helped to serve themselves. But instead of “doing the right thing”, as we should, we sit on our hands, our eyes and ears closed to the reality of what is happening and ignoring our responsibility to hold them accountable for this self-interest. None of these developments would be pleasing to the generation of young men and women responsible for America’s birth. 

Our founders left a great sense of pride, dignity, and duty for all generations of Americans to emulate. They did this because they sought to create an atmosphere of freedom and unlimited potential in our country for their children, to provide future generations of Americans with a vast array of tools and opportunities to harness their energies and skills, to live a life chasing big dreams, and make those dreams a reality through hard work and dedication. All of this has been present so many times throughout the life of our country, as America’s greatest generations were more than willing to sacrifice their comfort, ambitions, and in many cases, their lives for America’s future. This is the defining envy of the rest of the world, the opportunity for the “American Dream”. But, sadly, with the current atmosphere in our country the American dream is dying at the hands of those in power.

Just look around. What once was hope, confidence, or optimism for the future among our people, has turned into fear, timidity, nostalgia, and dread. Americans of all ages, races, colors, and creeds are feeling defeated, beaten down, and using every available avenue to escape what is happening to avoid facing a very uncertain future. Can you blame them?

To mention just a few examples, Americans face out-of-control inflation, lack of employment opportunities and job security, sky-high energy costs, supply-chain breakdown, and food shortages. On top of that, we have existing American companies committing medical tyranny on their employees left and right at a level never seen nor thought possible. Small and medium-sized businesses, once the backbone of our economy, have been locked down, mandated, and often regulated out of existence. America has become a place where young entrepreneurs in the prime of their lives lack sufficient freedom and resources to share their innovative dreams and ideas with their fellow citizens. 

These issues, along with all the chaos in our country today, are not in any way characteristic of a free and vital society firing on all cylinders, nor one with a dynamic free-enterprise economy on the road to growth and greater prosperity. But we cannot merely close our eyes and ears and wish away these circumstances, for doing so would be to ignore our responsibility in the critical window of history we live in today. When we go to bed tonight, these issues will still require solutions when we wake up tomorrow, and our country will still need a vision if we again hope to believe in a prosperous future. 

That is why this organization exists; our goal is to restore a sense of hope and vision to the minds of the American people. Its goal is to serve as a vehicle for driving America and the American economy in the right direction, by supporting and partnering with businesses, organizations, and proud Americans who recognize the value and dignity of work and those who believe in the unlimited potential of capitalism and free enterprise. But only with truth and honesty as its underlying values, morality and ethical behavior.

Together, we want to work hand-in-glove in supporting common-sense policies at all levels of government that aim to unleash the American economy and reimagine it to equal these changing and transformative times. Only then can we once again make it the freest, most innovative, dynamic, productive, and prosperous one on the face of the earth. 

We believe in promoting and supporting sound policies at the federal and state governmental levels which aim to prioritize the following: 

  • Cutting Taxes for all Americans  
  • Removing burdensome/growth-killing regulations on American small and medium-sized businesses
  • Cutting wasteful government programs 
  • Protecting America’s workers 
  • Building strong communities 
  • Bringing back manufacturing jobs to the United States 
  • American energy independence 
  • Making America a net energy exporter. 
  • Remove ‘woke’ policies from all aspects of American life that aren’t based upon sound factual and evidence-based truth. This includes all public and private sector business, education and our military. 
  • Investing in and strengthening our National, Homeland, Cyber, and Space security. 
  • Investing in the next generation of American workers, innovators, and entrepreneurs to bring their dreams and ideas to life for all our people. 
  • To forge a new generation of American wealth and prosperity for our country. 

These are just some of the goals we envision for our organization, and we are excited to partner with anyone and everyone who shares these goals, especially those who recognize the priceless value, decency, and dignity of a hard day’s work, no matter the vocational field. We need your help to make America and our free enterprise system number one in every category across the board in every industry. 

Too often we waste the resources God gave us for the betterment of our people. We are destroying jobs, small businesses, and American lives because of excessive taxes and burdensome regulations on American companies while Communist China gains more wealth and influence by the day. Looking ahead, we must take great care to defend and maintain every one of the timeless values and principles that founded our nation. They are the foundation that made our country the greatest superpower on earth and those that will safely propel us and our economy forward. But if America is to continue in its greatness, we also can’t ignore these changing times and must adapt to its proper understanding. 

The global economic stage is undergoing a historical period of turbulent change and transition with incredible new energies, industries, and technologies that can change the nature of our economy and every fabric of our world. But for America to compete in it and lead the world into the future, we must ensure we are embracing all the “New Frontiers” of this decade and beyond. We must manage all aspects of critical economic importance, such as those in data, science, technology, and space. These are among the most vital priorities now and will become the biggest industries in the future. We must ensure that their immense potential can be developed, nurtured, and fully controlled on the side of capitalism and freedom. 

Life-changing technologies, industries, and energies belong to all people and must be dispersed freely and openly. That is why the United States of America and its allies, not Communist China, must be at the forefront of leading these new areas. We must ensure that all the emerging industries, such as Biotechnology, Robotics, AI, 3D printing, and Quantum Computing, can grow and thrive with American freedom and free enterprise as it’s foundation. As the years go on, these future industries will become more and more essential to the lives of our people. They will dictate our level of national security and, if put firmly in our control, will ultimately propel America, her allies, and all the free world forward. 

Fellow citizens, we are truly living in unprecedented times in the life of our nation and the world around us. Despite so many problems we are now facing, America is still the best and most effective model for economic prosperity and progress. No other model offers the firm and timeless principles we do, like freedom and individual liberty. If we continue to value truth and honesty, and never waiver from the “Right” path towards these goals, unlimited opportunities and potential for greatness is within our reach. That is why our organization has the highest hopes for America’s future, and we hope you do too. 

We are ready to work with you to turn this broken economy around, re-establish the American Dream for a new generation of Americans, and produce an even higher standard of wealth and prosperity for our people.

The best is yet to come.